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The Bike Shop in Statesboro, Georgia offers one of the best professional racing bike selections in state. Racing bikes are built for one thing—speed. Everything else comes second.

If you’re looking to gain the edge in your next race, we have a bike selection that makes racers drool. We want to see you succeed and that is why we take pride in only providing the best to our riders. We only offer bikes that are guaranteed to give you the best performance, handling, and ride of your life throughout training and over the finish line on race day.

We sell a complete line:

High Performance Bikes—Our selection is wide and deep. The best way to take it all in is to see for yourself and talk to a team member about what you’re looking for.

Wheels—We only carry the highest quality racing wheels available. The good news is that we do so at affordable prices.

Accessories—We carry accessories necessary to professional racing bikes such as micro shift sets, custom handlebars, cassettes, and more.

Our goal at The Bike Shop is to give you the smoothest and swiftest ride possible, whether you’re sprinting, climbing, or descending. We want you to be at the head of the pack and that’s why we carry professional racing bikes developed to win races. With the right gear, regular maintenance, and a solid training program, you can’t lose!

Whether you’re a road racer, cross country junkie, trail racer, or any other kind of bike enthusiast, The Bike Shop has everything you need to fine tune your skills and your gear so you have no choice but to install another shelf on your trophy wall.

Our seasoned staff is just as enthusiastic as you are about cycling—we ride too—and there’s nothing we love more than helping our fellow riders succeed. Call or come on in to the shop today and allow us to help set you up for success.